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Two levels of membership have been defined for participation in CXL, with both levels receiving recognition on the public website.

Contributor Membership
Contributor membership with CXL allows your company to all of the benefits of the Adopter class plus: 

  • Participation in the technical working groups.

  • Influence the direction of the technology.

  • Access to the intermediate (dot level) specifications.

Dues to participate at the contributor level are:

  • $10,000 per year

  • $20,000 for the first year of membership only

  • As CXL is still finalizing its operational infrastructure, dues collection is expected to begin during the third quarter of 2019

Adopter Membership

Adopter Membership with CXL allows your company to: 

  • Have access to the Final Specifications (ex: 1.0, 2.0, etc., but not intermediate level specifications)

  • Implementation with the IP protections as outlined in the Agreements.

Adopter Membership is free following execution of the Adopter  Agreement.

Download the CXL Membership Application

Current Specification:
The Compute Express Link Specification 1.1 is complete and available for Download to all members.

Future Incorporation:
The CXL Promoters intend to complete incorporation during the third quarter of 2019.  At that time, the CXL Promoters will publish additional documents outlining the rights, privileges, and obligations of CXL Membership.
Please contact admin@computeexpresslink.org with any questions or for additional information