Compute Express Link: The Breakthrough CPU-to-Device Interconnect


Exploring Coherent Memory and Innovative Use Cases

Airing Date: March 12, 2020

Siamak Tavallaei, CXL Consortium Technical Task Force Co-Chair and Principal Architect, Microsoft Azure, Rob Blankenship, Processor Architect and Principal Engineer, Intel, and Kurt Lender, CXL Consortium Marketing Working Group Co-Chair and Senior Ecosystem Enabling Manager, Data Center Group, Intel, take listeners into a deep dive about CXL technology maintains memory coherency between the CPU memory space and memory on attached devices.


The webinar also details several representative CXL use cases – Caching Devices/Accelerators, Accelerators with Memory, and Memory Buffers.

Introduction to Compute Express Link™ (CXL)

Airing Date: December 12, 2019

A highly informative webinar about the CXL Consortium™ and its groundbreaking technology. Join Glenn Ward, CXL Consortium’s MWG Co-Chair and Chief of Staff, Cloud Server Infrastructure for Microsoft; Debendra Das Sharma, Intel Fellow at Intel Corporation; and Kurtis Bowman, CXL Consortium Board Member and Director, Server Architecture and Technologies at Dell EMC during this thought-provoking webinar about the organization and its innovative technology.


Topics covered include the industry landscape, features and benefits, use cases and more! 

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