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Compute Express Link: The Breakthrough CPU-to-Device Interconnect

CXL Video Demos at FMS 2023

Visit the CXL Consortium kiosk in the SNIA Open Standards Pavilion (Booth #725) to view CXL technology demonstrations from CXL Consortium members. The demos will highlight CXL memory solutions, IP, compliance testing, fabric implementations, switches, and software solutions.  

Industry’s First CXL 2.0 RAS Capabilities Demo with Leo Memory Connectivity Platform

With production In this video demo, Astera Labs shows how its Leo Memory Connectivity Platform supports cloud-scale fleet management with platform health monitoring, memory error detection & reporting capabilities. In addition, we showcase the first CXL memory controller to support DDR5 memory modules at 5600MT/s speed. Learn more at Rack-Scale Memory Pooling with CXL over Ethernet 

In this video, showcases its patent-pending CXL over Ethernet (COE) technology, demonstrating memory pooling at rack-scale. COE is a revolutionary approach to scaling existing server fabrics, bringing CXL connectivity into legacy datacenter frameworks, presenting significant system-level performance improvements while minimizing operational cost. ​

Learn more by visiting and

Liqid Composable CXL memory technology preview video

With production Liqid composable software as the CXL fabric manager, Matrix demonstrates the real-time adding and removing of server memory from remote CXL memory pools, and migration between servers. Learn more by visiting and

Micron CZ120 memory expansion module for Data Intensive Workloads  

Demo will showcase Micron’s upcoming E3.S CXL 2.0 based memory expansion module. It will demonstrate performance enhancement of industry standard TPC-H, Machine Learning and HPC workloads using Micron’s CZ120 memory expansion product on fully populated AMD’s start of the art EPYC processors-based platforms with 12 DIMM channels, 128 cores and 8 SSDs.


For more information visit

Experience Reality, Not Blueprints: Panmnesia’s Real-World, Multi-Terabyte CXL Memory Disaggregation Showcase at Flash Memory Summit 2023 (FMS 23)

The video offers a comprehensive look at Panmnesia's unique CXL system, which includes custom-designed CXL CPUs, switches, and DIMM pools. This singular structure allows multi-terabyte capacity by consolidating numerous memory devices via layered CXL switches. Notably, our innovative DIMM pooling technology translates into substantial cost reductions.

Moreover, the demonstration underscores the tangible advantages of genuine CXL. It provides an engaging showcase of deep learning recommendation systems operating in conjunction with Linux OS and our framework. Keen to learn more about the technology behind Panmnesia? Be sure to visit us at booth #655 during the Flash Memory Summit and explore our website,!

Synopsys and Teledyne LeCroy Perform First CXL 2.0 IP Interop Demo with Compliance Tests 

Synopsys' CXL 2.0 IP compliance tests and interoperability using Teledyne LeCroy Summit T54 analyzer and Summit Z516 Exerciser to showcase performance and operation. 

XConn's CXL 2.0 Switch: Memory Pooling and Memory Sharing

Learn more by visiting

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