Rob Sprinkle

CXL Director

Rob Sprinkle is the Technical Lead for Memory and Interconnect Technology in Google's Data Center Infrastructure Team. Rob works with memory and interconnect technology companies on strategic technology directions and collaborates across Google to determine best uses of these technologies. Rob has received multiple recognition awards, including Google’s second highest for his role as the Architect and Technical Lead for Google's first custom NAND Flash storage system. Rob is a member of the JEDEC Board of Directors, is Google’s primary representative and coordinator for JEDEC participation, and has previously led OpenCAPI Work Group activities. He served as a member of the ISSCC Memory Program Committee and has participated at ISSCC and the VLSI Technology Symposium. Prior to joining Google in 2006, he was a PCB, ASIC, and FPGA designer-manager at Teradyne. He received a BSEE from the Virginia Military Institute and has been issued eighteen patents with others pending.


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